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beirut art center (BAC) is a non-profit association, space and platform dedicated to experimental art in beirut, lebanon. beirut art center was initiated by sandra dagher and lamia joreige. it opened in 2009, thanks to the support of our benefactor marwan t. assaf, our patrons association philippe jabre, cherine maghrabi tayeb, ousseimi foundation and our sponsors banque libano-française and fidus.

the aim of beirut art center is to produce, present and contextualize local and international art researches and cultural practices in a space that is open and active all year long and not requiring any entrance fees. established in 2009, beirut art center is an unprecedented initiative in beirut. it constitutes the first public space for exhibiting and for addressing residents and visitors it also incites exchanges, debates and discussions among them. BAC aims to allow the engagement with various art forms and experiences and alternative ways of knowledge production and "redistribution". it aims to support local and regional contemporary artists and facilitate the creation and realization of projects as well as the interaction among local and international cultural players.

along with its main exhibition space, BAC has an auditorium, spaces for meeting and discussing, a terrace, but also a huge collection of films from artists of the region, the mediatheque, and a bookshop. BAC also organizes regular educational activities in addition to lectures, concerts, performances, film and video screenings and workshops. the center is located in an industrial zone that visitors can access from all over the city. it is an independent, stand-alone building with 1,500 square meters of space divided across two floors with a terrace, designed by architect raed abillama.

if you wish to join BAC as an intern, please send us an email to


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