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born a photographer, abbas, an iranian transplanted in paris, has dedicated his work to the political and social coverage of the developing south. since 1970, his major work, published in world magazines, includes wars and revolutions in biafra, bangladesh, ulster, vietnam, the middle east, chile, cuba, and south africa with an essay on apartheid. from 1978 to 80, he photographed the revolution in iran, and then returns in 1997 after a 17 years voluntary exile. his book iran diary 1971-2002 (autrement 2002) is a critical interpretation of its history, photographed and written as a personal diary. he is the author of numerous books that have accompanied exhibitions of his work, including return to mexico, journeys beyond the mask ( 1992), allah o akbar, a journey through militant islam (phaidon 1994), faces of christianity, a photographic journey (a.abrams 2000), sur la route des esprits (delpire 2005), and in whose name? the islamic world after 9/11 (thames and hudson 2009). abbas has been a member of magnum photos since 1981.

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