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amr ezzat

amr ezzat: "for a while since 2005, i have been presented as a blogger, and this is an identity i am proud of and which expresses what i do and want to do, without the usual connotations of a 'motor mouth' that you expect from well-known bloggers.
i blog under the title what it seems to me (mā badā lī). what it seems to me flits from politics to the quotidian, attempts at philosophizing and the ordinary, artistic tastes and thoughts and a mixture of all of these things. after studying engineering, i studied philosophy, and for a few years i worked as a journalist after having worked as an engineer. in my journalism i attempted to depict life in society, blending information and impressions with direct expertise and key social and cultural analysis.
i am an enthusiastic participant with diverse pursuits in political activities and irrationally infatuated with the egyptian revolutionm a member of the 'progressive youth revolutionary association' and the group 'compass', which published the high-brow magazine of the same name that attempted to establish 'the democratic left' movement in egypt.
i now work as a researcher for the 'egyptian initiative for personal rights', i write for the newspaper al-masry al-youm, and i will perhaps write for other publications and websites."

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