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anna ogden-smith

anna ogden-smith (b. 1984, lebanon) is a visual artist whose body of work spans across the moving image, fine arts, graphic design, and writing. through exercises ranging from formal aesthetics of excess to methodically thought-driven processes, her projects seek to engage different mediums articulated around specific narratives, as a means to pursue new modes of reading. she completed an mfa at the royal college of art, london, in 2013. her work has been exhibited collectively in museums and festivals internationally. flight rk #929, clear blue skies and smoke gets in your eyes were screened at: vancouver film festival (vancouver, 2013); british film institute (london, 2013); lebanese film festival (2014). the dream (1989-1994) and the lie (1994) were screened at: musée du jeu de paume (paris, 2008); haus der kulturen der welt (berlin, 2008); reina sofia national museum (madrid, 2008); new museum (new york, 2011), sursock museum (beirut, 2015). based in beirut, anna ogden-smith is also director of the association for the promotion and exhibition of art in lebanon (apeal) and part-time faculty member at the lebanese american university.

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