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annette messager

annette messager was born in berck-sur-mer, france and currently lives and works in malakoff, france. from the 1970s onward, annette messager’s work has been known for its heterogeneity of form and subject matter, ranging from the personal to the fictional, the social to the universal. through an embrace of everyday materials, and principles of assemblage, collection and theatrical display, her diverse media has included construction, documents, language, objects, taxidermy, drawings,  photographs, fabric, embroidery, image collections, albums, sculpture and installation. recent solo exhibitions include musée des beaux arts de calais and la cite internationale de la dentelle et de la mode, calais, france (2015-2016); museum of contemporary art, sydney, australia (2014); k20 stӓndehaus, düsseldorf, germany (2014) and the museum of modern and contemporary art, strasbourg (2012). she represented france at the 51st venice biennial and was awarded the golden lion for her project in 2005. other important solo exhibitions have been held at the museo de arte contemporáneo in monterrey, mexico (2010), multimedia complex of actual arts, moscow (2010), mori art museum, tokyo (2008), centre pompidou, paris (2007), musée d’art moderne de la ville de paris (2004), palazzo velasquez (1999), los angeles county museum of art, chicago institute of art and the museum of modern art in new york (1995).

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