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arno gisinger

arno gisinger is an austrian artist who lives in paris. he is developing an artistic practice that ties photography and historiography together for studying the representation of the past by rethinking the status of the image in our contemporary societies. since 2012 he has been leading two projects that experiment with the transformation of the image when it is confronted with a new exhibition space. in the first, topoï, his major works are reconfigured in the spaces and times of four different exhibitions in europe. atlas, suite questions the complex relations between works of art and their photographic interpretations. gisinger published several works on photography, history and fiction, most notably l’ordinaire de l’oubli (société française de photographie, 2001),konstellation benjamin (transphotographic press, 2009), and topoï (transphotographic press, 2013). arno gisinger is an assistant professor at l’université de paris 8.

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