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bassem mansour

bassem mansour was born and raised in beirut. he left lebanon in 1997, and has been travelling constantly since. he is an interior architect, multimedia, av, and installation artist. his work is influenced by people’s social behavior and their engagement in the activities of daily life within their immediate surroundings. mansour examines the different correspondences between the audible, the visual, noise and memory. his video work is mostly a series of solo performances and experiments in which he tests the limit of repetition and the idea of form. in 2005, he teamed up with artist fritzi metzger and formed ‘fifi & baa productions’. in 2006, he had his first solo exhibition fish don’t apologize at dar al-funoon, kuwait.  since 2007, he has been exhibiting in the sultan gallery and took part in a series of collectives curated by fatima alqadiri. in 2010 he designed a 160m2 installation for the launch of established & sons. he is presently based between kuwait, beirut, and italy.  

dana aljouder graduated from the pratt institute in brooklyn, new york with a bachelor in architecture in 2009. in 2008, she received the sils twining fellowship scholarship allowing her to conduct research in florence on the allegory of the medici family through renaissance poetry, painting and sculpture. in 2008, she had her first solo exhibition, the chair, based on a chair constructed in copenhagen, at the pratt insitute’s higgins hall in brooklyn. she also participated in bidoun magazine’s mahma kan ethaman as shaikha shaikha, directed by fatima alqadiri & khalid algharaballi. in 2010, aljouder designed the wall and ceiling installations for the albert reichmuth wine showroom in zurich with oos ag. in 2011, she participated in the project  ‘il hawdaj’ with peter currie and aziz alqatami in the collaborative exhibition 50/20 at the sultan gallery in kuwait. she is currently employed in kuwait at aziz alqatami & dana aljouder architects.

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