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bouchra ouizguen

bouchra ouizguen (b. ouarzazate, 1980) is a moroccan dancer and choreographer. starting out as a self-taught and baladi dancer, ouizguen has been committed to developing the local dance scene in marrakech since 1998. in 2002 she partnered up with taoufiq izeddiou to found the anania association. eight years later ouizguen founded her own company, o. in 2010 she was awarded the new choreographic talent award from france’s society of dramatic authors and composers. some performance titles include: ana ounta (2002), mort et moi (2005), aita (2007), madame plazza (2010), voyage cola (with alain buffard, 2011), ha! (2012), corbeaux (2014) and ottof (2015).


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