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camila salame

camila salame (b. 1985) is from colombia. having finished her studies in fine arts and art history at the universidad de los andes in bogotá, camila moved to paris, where she pursued a master’s degree in fine arts at the université paris 1 panthéon-sorbonne. as a child of lebanese immigrants she has always deeply identified with lebanese culture, and has visited lebanon several times in the past years to reconnect with her ‘roots.’ she has developed an artistic practice in sculpture and installation that revolves around the expanded notion of nostalgia. by questioning the origin of this word, from the greek nostos “going back” and algia “pain,” she explores the contemporary meanings of this notion. her sculptures and installations evoke poetic imagery. in her micro and macro universes, camila creates semantic relationships established through the use of different materials and their symbolic meanings. her works remind us of our original house, the now distant ‹place of origin›—a real or mythological somewhere to which we cannot go back. her works suggest the loss of this first ‹home› which gives us the intangible feeling of being away. through the exploration of this intimate topography of the ‘lost home,’ her sculptures recall the ages of life, the passage of generations, the domestic and emotional landscape of our time—in short, a search for the lost home and the pain of this loss. 

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