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carine and elisabeth krecké

carine and elisabeth krecké are twin sisters originally from luxembourg and living in marseille and luxembourg. their artistic output is at the crossroads of a number of media: drawing, photography and literature (they have authored short stories, novels, plays, as well as articles and have been published in collected editions on philosophy and the social sciences). the theme of the artist and his fictional double recurs in their work: secret or dual identities, pastiches and pretence characterise their visual and literary production. for example, the photographer in the midst of a creative crisis who sets off in the footsteps of robert frank, the chronicle of a photographic survey of south dakota, in the footsteps of a man seen on google street view with a kalashnikov, the artist performer whose work is constructed in the course of a novel, and the artist who has infiltrated scientific communities to reveal the fictitious character of scientific proposals. the krecké sisters have participated in various international exhibitions, notably with their series fictional photographs / extracts from nonexistent films: casino-luxembourg 2004, european month of photography 2006-7, nights of european encounters in arles 2007, paris photo 2007, xippas gallery paris 2007, white nights paris 2008, pingyao photography festival 2008, caochangdi photo spring peking 2010...

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