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christian marclay

christian marclay was born in california, 1955. he works in a wide range of media, including sculpture, video, photography, collage, and performance. for more than 30 years, he has been exploring the connections between the visual and the audible, creating works in which these two distinct sensorial experiences enrich and challenge each other. marclay’s work has been shown in museums and galleries internationally. he has had important one-person exhibitions at the kunsthaus, zurich (1997), museum of contemporary art, chicago (2001), san francisco museum of modern art (2002), whitney museum of american art, new york (2010), and the garage center for contemporary culture, moscow (2011). marclay received the golden lion award for best artist at the 54th venice biennale for his 24-hours virtuosic video piece the clock, which was first shown at white cube in london in 2010. since then, the clock has been exhibited at a number of institutions worldwide including paula cooper gallery (2011), the museum of modern art, new york (2012), san francisco museum of modern art (2013), and guggenheim bilbao (2014).

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