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christian merlhiot

christian merlhiot was born in 1963 in niort (france). he studied at the fine arts school of bourges from 1981 to 1987. between 1994 and 1995, he was artist in residence at the villa medicis in rome to write a scenario which he adapted during his journey, making his first feature film les semeurs de peste, distributed in cinemas in 2003. christian merlhiot has taught cinema and video in several art schools, in angouleme, nancy and bourges. he is currently in charge of the pedagogic program in the pavillon, laboratoire de création du palais de tokyo in paris. he is the founder of pointligneplan. his film silenzio, shot in japan in 2004, has been screened in cinemas during the spring 2006. he made an atelier de création radiophonique for france culture radio, broadcasted in february 2007. this experience led him to make a movie: des indes à la planète mars, selected in the french competition at the fid marseille 2007, and which screened in cinemas in april 2008.

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