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dr. george arbid

dr. george arbid is an associate professor of architecture at aub and director of the arab center for architecture. he holds a diplôme d’etudes supérieures en architecture from the académie libanaise des beaux-arts and a doctor of design degree from harvard university graduate school of design with a dissertation titled practicing modernism in beirut: architecture in lebanon, 1946-1970. prior to his stay at harvard, he was a fulbright visiting scholar at the history, theory and criticism program at mit. he is the author of the preface for the book pierre el khoury architecture 1959-1999 (le moniteur, 2000) and beirut: the phoenix and the reconstruction predicament, an essay for urbanization and the changing character of the arab city published by escwa (2005). his latest edited publication is architecture from the arab world (1914-2014) a selection, a contribution to the pavilion of the kingdom of bahrain at the venice biennale of architecture 2014 that he co-curated with bernard khoury. arbid is the author of the forthcoming book karol schayer architect, a pole in beirut (birkhaüser).

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