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graziella rizkallah toufic

graziella rizkallah toufic received her ma in film and video studies in 2007 with a thesis titled: "tarkovski : la cathédrale-monde, le monde-cerveau, et l’(e)au-delà (de la maison?)." she is the video maker of follow my hand animated at 24 still frames per second (2 minutes, 2010), i missed my bus stop; or, . . last point (4 minutes, 2011), and, with jalal toufic, attempt 137 to map the drive (7 minutes, 2011; premiered in san francisco museum of modern art’s exhibitionsix lines of flight: shifting geographies in contemporary art, 9/15/2012–12/31/2012). she is the eponymous reference of jalal toufic’s book graziella: the corrected edition (forthcoming books, 2009; available for download as a pdf file at: 

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