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hasan hujairi

hasan hujairi (b. 1982, manama) is a composer, artist, and researcher who divides his time be-tween seoul, south korea and his native bahrain. his work is informed by his interest in art/music history and theory, maritime historiography, sonic culture, pedagogy, algorithms, and (the idea of) archives. hasan has participated in various residencies, exhibitions, and biennales in places such as vancouver, london, amsterdam, beirut, sharjah, tokyo, and seoul. in april 2016, hasan led a project entitled "red bull music academy presents: symphonies of the self" that celebrated the legacy of late bahraini composer majeed marhoon (1945 - 2010) in collabo-ration with henrik schwarz, bugge wesseltoft, the bahrain national orchestra, and salman zaiman. hasan is currently completing his dma in music composition as part of seoul national university's korean music program, and holds a masters degree in historiography/economic history from hitotsubashi university in tokyo, japan, and a bachelors degree in finance from drake university in des moines, iowa. 


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