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hayat najm

hayat najm was born in lebanon in 1983, emigrated to canada at the age of six. her artistic research is autobiographical and explores notions of affects, intimacy, exile, and identity through objects, the starting point of her work. after graduating with a ba in visual and media art from the university of quebec in montreal, she completed a ma in fine arts at concordia university in 2011. that year, she was also a finalist in the biennale d’estampe de trois-rivières (canada) where she presented her lithography and intaglio engraving. in 2010, she released vie(s), published by palindromes, a collection of fragments accompanied by drawings that deals with memory. although her work is multidisciplinary at heart – melding painting, animation, lithography and silkscreen printing – she increasingly gravitates towards charcoal drawing. najm is interested in the way that this medium, often considered straightforward, can be transformed into unusual artistic forms when combined with collage. hayat najm currently lives between beirut and montreal.

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