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huda asfour

huda asfour is a palestnian oud and kanoun player born in 1982 in lebanon. she spent her childhood in tunisia, after which she moved to gaza and later ramallah. after high school, she joined birziet university and became a member of the university's ensemble, sanabel. also, while in ramallah, huda joined the national conservatory of music where she studied musical history and theory under the supervision of khaled jubran. in 2001, she joined al-urmawi center for mashreq music in jerusalem. in 2004, she moved to egypt to continue her education and established the jehar ensemble with tamer abu ghazaleh. she has performed in palestine, lebanon, egypt and the d.c. metropolitan area. huda received the 2009 production award  program  for  young  arab  artists  in  music from 'almawred foundation'  to record her debut album, mars - back and forth which she will be launching this summer. in addition to her music, huda is an electrical engineer working in the field of biomedical engineering. 

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