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ilaria lupo

ilaria lupo is an italian artist, born in milan and currently residing in beirut. after she left italy in 2000, she found herself addicted to traveling, and has since lived in several countries around europe, south america, and the middle east since 2007. lupo studied photography and fine arts in brussels (belgium), lorient (france), lisbon (portugal), and medellìn (colombia). she developed her artistic practice while also working as a journalist, cultural manager, and photo-editor. in 2006, lupo opened the artist-run space vetro in brussels. she has been involved in independent projects in belgium, luxembourg, italy and palestine. also, the artist exhibited in several collective exhibitions, including the biennale of young artists of the mediterranean sea, sarajevo; luxembourg european capital of culture with the project borderline, luxembourg; the riwaq biennale as a resident of the first international workshop of al-mahatta gallery in ramallah. her work was also shown at the museum of modern art, medellìn; the palazzina liberty, milan; and the neulicht gallery, luxembourg. in 2012, she published the artist book,deviations, an atlas of beirut, with planbey (beirut). her research is connected to the experience of constant displacement, precariousness, and instability. she also explores forms of individual escape from social and cultural constraints, especially in artistic practice in public spaces. 

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