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jawad nawfal aka munma

jawad nawfal aka munma (born in beirut, 1978) studied audiovisual and film studies at the iesav institute in beirut specializing in sound design. in 2001, he formed altered ear, a laboratory of sound research and composition. altered ear collaborated with photography collective engram in 2004, creating the sound design for the exhibition and multimedia performance numbers, which was shown in lebanon in 2004 and in france in 2005. nawfal created munma in the aftermath of israel’s war on lebanon in the summer of 2006. this solo music project explores oriental harmonies and rhythmical patterns, with a strong reliance on sampled traditional musical beds, excerpts from radio speeches and the like, and an overall somber, reflective mood. four munma albums were released between 2006 and 2010, by lebanese labels incognito and ruptured. in 2011, jawad started collaborating with lebanese writer, poet & rapper mazen el sayed. they’ve released two albums to this day, exploring the darker sides of rap, electronica & dubstep. nawfal embarked on two new music collaborations recently: tasjeel moujahed, an electro/electronica duo with berlin-based musician/composer/producer and syrphe label owner cedrik fermont; and infinite moment of composure, a noise/electronica duo with lebanese musician, visual artist and composer liliane chlela.

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