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jessika khazrik

jessika khazrik (b. 1991, beirut) studied theatre and linguistics at the lebanese university. she participated in 2012/13 home workspace program at ashkal alwan, beirut. incorporating various media including sound, light, text, pirated radio material and live video, khazrik’s work focuses on questions pertaining to performativity and to history writing.
her projects include my body if only i could see you (2014), flying city in the aerial paths of communication (2013) and the influence of prostitution on tourism (2013). she continues to work on an ongoing project since 2012, titled one bodies: and i cannot forget the people who are waiting there, people i have been holding my breath to see.
khazrik also collaborates with artists and collectives as a writer and performer, and co-organizes ‘futuroscopes’—a series of parties exploring the correlation among politics, dance and the present. her work has been presented in beirut, bern, mannheim, montemor-o-novo and new york.


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