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joumana anjali

joumana anjali itani was born in 1982 in mysore, india, to an indian mother and lebanese father. she holds a ba in theatre practice at the university of london’s drama conservatoire and a ma in performance design and practice from central saint martins. following her studies, joumana pursued set design and drama therapy in the uk and in india. in parallel to her work, joumana participated in several creative workshops and gradually began to explore visual arts. her recent drama works include if my mother was my father, a mirrored performance exploring the complex notions of blood rights in her countries of origins. her more recent visual projects include vidā’ī beirut (farewell beirut), showcasing the remnants of a series of encounters with indian domestic workers at the indian embassy in lebanon; exhausted, a series of canvases soiled by polluted air from mumbai; and from rubber to ashes, a series of paintings made from ashes gathered from blocked roads in 2012, deconstructing what has become an ubiquitous symbol of unrest in lebanon. her work has been exhibited in london, mumbai and new delhi. joumana currently lives between london and mumbai, where she runs workshops, produces performances and conceives visual projects. since 2011, she has been visiting beirut on a regular basis, on a personal and creative quest.

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