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julia tieke

julia tieke works as a freelance radio editor, author and director in berlin. since 2007, she has been in charge of wurfsendung, an ultra short daily format of sound art, radio drama and documentary experiments at the german national public radio deutschlandradio kultur. she publishes texts on political and cultural topics related to egypt, and runs the blog cairo by microphone. 
julia has written and directed several radio documentaries about arab cities such as beirut (blind date with beirut, wdr 2011 – with katrin moll) and cairo (die ägyptische revolution im öffentlichen raum, deutschlandradio kultur 2011). she has adapted and staged novels for the radio, including de niro's game by rawi hage (swr/dkultur 2009 – with katrin moll) and der falsche inder by abbas khider (wdr 2012). 
speaking of beirut and the city is missing is published under the creative commons license. with special thanks to hoerspielpark and radio::aporee, berlin.

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