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swiss trio koch-schütz-studer made its name on the international jazz scene for its radical and uncompromising "hardcore chambermusic." 
hans koch, martin schütz and fredy studer have been working in a "style-free" musical zone since 1990, equally at ease in jazz festivals, underground rock and electronic music clubs, as well as in the context of contemporary "classical" music. 
in their music, sequenced sounds from various unrecognizable sources and live electronics create dense walls of sound, which are contrasted with completely acoustic, minimalistic-ambient improvisations. 
besides their work as a trio, "koch-schütz-studer" have initiated various projects and worked with musicians and artists from different cultural and artistic backgrounds: "roots and wires," with new york-based djs i-sound and m. singe; "heavy cairo traffic" with renowned traditional egyptian musicians el nil troop; "fidel," which consists of recordings with traditional and improvising cuban musicians musicos cubanos. 

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