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la ribot

la ribot (b. 1962) is an artist and choreographer, born in madrid. between 1975 and 1984 she studied classical ballet, modern and contemporary dance, first in madrid, then in france, germany and new york, u.s. returning to madrid in 1985, she established herself as a choreographer. in 1991, she began working under the name la ribot and premiered the humorous “striptease” socorro! gloria!, a piece that drew in new audiences and inspired her solo series 13 distinguished pieces. in 2000, la ribot began experimenting with videomaking, and in particular with hand-held video shot from the point of view of the performing body. this approach informed various works from 2000 onward, including the installation despliegue, 2001, and the complex ensemble piece mariachi 17, 2009. in 2004, la ribot moved to geneva, switzerland, and between 2004 and 2008 founded and directed art/action, a department for teaching and research into live art based at the haute ecole d’art et de design, geneva. la ribot’s video work is held in public and private collections around europe. she continues to work internationally from her base in geneva, switzerland.

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