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liliane chlela

born in 1986, liliane chlela is a graphic designer, musician, and multidisciplinary artist living and working in beirut.

both as a composer and a live dj, chlela fabricates a distinctive sound assembled from experimental hardware techniques and composition tools, unleashing a stream of speeches, beats, and melodies that emanates from a set of instruments, hardware, and gears.

in addition to being the co-fonder of hezbel taleta, a collaborative project whose members meet every tuesday for an improvised post-rock session, she continues to collaborate with several artists from various fields such as fashion, music, and visual art. her latest collective the dnb project is a live and improvised electro-acoustic drum ’n’ bass trio involving fouad afra and bashar farran. 

invested in exploring the connections between improvised music, image, and movement, chlela also produces music for short films and has recently collaborated with contemporary dance artist, clara sfeir on euphonic discordance. the performance, based on both improvised and electro-acoustic music, explores the terrains of artistic exchange between dance and music. 

best known for her improvised sets on electronics, synth, cello, guitar..etc, liliane is a multidisciplinary musician/producer based in beirut, whose numerous collective projects cover post rock, drone, drum 'n' bass and ambient (hezbel taleta, the dnb project, infinite moment of composure..) 


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