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lionel bovier

lionel bovier is the director of the mamco, the contemporary art museum of geneva, since 2016. born in geneve in 1970, he began his career as an art critic and a curator. he co-founded espace forde in geneva in 1996 and elac, the space affiliated to the ecole cantonale d’art de lausanne (cantonal school of art of lausanne) in 1997. in 1999, he became associate curator at the magasin, the national center for contemporary art in grenoble, and then associate curator for contemporary art at the musée cantonal des beaux-arts in 2002. in 2004, he created the publishing house jrp|ringier dedicated to contemporary art. he organized important exhibitions, among themretrospectives of the artists olivier mosset (musée cantonal des beaux-arts de lausanne, kunstmuseum sankt-gallen, carré d'art in nîmes and site santa fe) and jack goldstein (magasin in grenoble). bovier is also the author of several publications, including monographs dedicated to vern blosum and john m armleder as well as books on swiss contemporary art (1995-2000) and about the groupe ecart (1969-1980). as the director of mamco, he has been in charge of the revitalizing the museum’s mission and overall activities while promoting its collection and preserving its heritage and commitment towards artists. he’s also working on several exhibition project with liam gillick, john miller, seth price and walead beshty.


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