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luca molinari

luca molinari is a critic and architecture historian. he was awarded a degree by the faculty of architecture at milan university in 1992 after working and studying at the faculty of architecture of delft tu in the netherlands and etsab in barcelona.he is associate professor of contemporary architecture history at vanvitelli architecture faculty in naples.molinari is particularly active in education and has held workshops and conferences on numerous campuses in italy and abroad. he is a prolific writer on architecture theory and criticism: he has been in charge of architecture and design publications for the publishing house skira since 1995.he works with several italian and international magazines, including domus, area, lotus, abitare, ottagono, il progetto, archis, the plan, a+u.luca molinari is also active on the web: in 2007 he founded an annual review entitled the skira yearbook of world architecture 2007-2008, which he still directs, supported by the bilingual architecture and design portal 2009 he and architect anna barbara founded viapiranesi srl, a multidisciplinary services and strategic planning studio. he also collaborates with numerous public and private institutions including scientific direction for architecture and urban planning at the triennale in milan (2001-2004), and presents the annali dell’architettura (2006-2007) exhibition in palazzo reale in naples. molinari’s prolific publishing career has included analysis of the form of urban design and development of architecture in a number of volumes and reprints. he has edited monographs published by skira on calatrava (1998), fuksas (2005, translated into several languages) and tadao ando (2009).

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