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lynn kodeih

born in lebanon in 1982, lynn kodeih lives and works in beirut.
with a background in theater and literature, her work deviates from performance to video and installation, where she collects, appropriates and manipulates traces, texts and images. 
since 2008, she has been working on issues related to personal history, loss, disappearance and reappearance of elements through the stratification of space and time. the resulting works reflect on the possible ways of narration and testimony, exploring the parole and the ability of words to generate images. 
in 2012, she commenced her research-based project deus ex machina starting from stories of supreme violence taking place in the syrian revolution-war. in a suite of video tableaux hovering between the conceptual and the poetic, failing to translate the rupture in time, the work almost dissolves, becomes ethereal. obsessed by the urgency and at the same time, the almost impossibility of art after the death of humanism, she has been trying to understand if and how the artistic creation is still possible today.
essentially based on the questions of time, image, and their evanescence, her works include: i am the martyr #187; the invisible citycomaregrets of the statue man; and 160 feet under pure blue sea. she currently teaches at the académie libanaise des beaux arts (alba) and saint joseph university (usj) in beirut.


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