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masao okabe

masao okabe (born 1942 in nemuro) is an artist and printmaker. since the late 1970s masao okabe has been working on many projects using the technique of rubbing on paper. his works are widely exhibited in japan and abroad. he was the representing artist for the japanese pavilion in 52nd venice biennale (2007).  he is the recipient of the hokkaido cultural prize (2006) and the hiroshima cultural prize (2008). recent exhibitions after 2000 include n’oubliez pas, gwangju biennale (2000); art for the spirit, hokkaido modern art museum (2001); sejon art center, seoul (2003); synchronicity, hiroshima contemporary art museum (2005); yubetsu coalmine project, kushiro city museum (2009); dig the jomon, suwa project, chino city museum (2011). since 2006 okabe and chihiro minato have been working on various projects and exhibitions including: is there future for our past?, japanese pavilion, 52nd venice biennale (2007); attingendo memorie, japanese culture center, rome (2007); is there future for our past?, art box, sapporo station (2008); lusheng leprosy sanatorium project, taipei (2009); plate of the time, contemporary art institute, sapporo (2009); the brief history of love, planis hall, sapporo (2010); museum of old and new art, tasmania (2011). masao okabe lives in kitahiroshima-shi, japan.

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