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maxime hourani

maxime hourani is an architect and artist who resides in beirut. he graduated with a bachelor of architecture from the lebanese american university (2005) before continuing his research in urbanism at the bauhaus institute in dessau (2009). he was recently a participant in the ashkal alwan home workspace program (2013). he works at the office of public affairs-middle east. maxime hourani is engaged in a creative practice that is self-reflexive and communally critical. skepticism, activism, experimentation, and performance are found to underlie his work. blurring the line between activism, art and life, hourani’s approach to the three is consistent – art is used as a vehicle for commentary and critique, activism is approached creatively through art forms and projects, and life is lived as an extension and an impetus for artistic, activist production: creative activism becomes a way of life while questioning habitual or normative modes/ channels of activism. often taking the form of performative acts that extend from or relate to a particular space or place, hourani’s projects conceptually engage in chronotopic explorations that excavate and interweave layers of histories, forms, relations, and meanings embedded within geographies, while underscoring latent and evident power dynamics. 

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