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mazen kerbaj

born in 1975, lebanese artist mazen kerbaj is one of the pillars of lebanon’s free improvisation scene, both as a trumpet player and as a founding member of the irtijal festival. in 2005, together with fellow musician sharif sehnaoui, he launched al maslakh, a record label specialized in producing and releasing experimental and free improvised music. kerbaj’s regular touring partners include sharif sehnaoui, raed yassin, franz hautzinger, stéphane rives, michael zerang, axel dörner, mike bullock, and vic rawlings, among others. in 2013, he contributed to the creation of the karkhana project, featuring the talents of egyptian musician maurice louca, turkish musicians umut çağlar and özün usta, canadian musician sam shalabi, and sharif sehnaoui.

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