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michele cohen

michele cohen (b. 1950, tunisia) worked initially at france culture, where she produced radio programs on philosophers, language, as well as a consistent work of sound autobiography (“jonas who never left. family portrait”). during this time, she received several international radio prizes. following this, she worked as an advertising copywriter - publicis, saatchi – then became creative director at betc eurorscg.fascinated by the relationship between sound, word, image and typography, regardless of the media in question (films, texts, photo books, exhibitions, applications), she began to embroider in 1993. poet and writer jean-françois goyet wrote around twenty monostiches for her, which she embroidered over a period of twenty years. govet’s poems all deal with embroidery: the gestures, the thread, the needle, the fabric sitting in the lap of the embroiderer, the passing of time.cohen also embroidered a monostich by english poet christopher middleton (1926-2015), which is presently on display in beirut.her embroideries were the subject of several solo exhibitions: at bibliothèque forney (paris, 2015), as well as the centre international de poésie de marseille (2016). she is the author of “langue de coton”; and issue #250 of the journal “cahier de refuge” (which is available on the website of cipm) is dedicated to her embroidery work.

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