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mohamad soueid

born in beirut in 1959, mohamad soueid is a writer and filmmaker. he is the author of several books in arabic about lebanese and arab cinema such as suspended cinema: lebanese civil war films (beirut: institute of arab researches, 1986), history of movie theaters in old beirut(beirut: an-nahar, 1996) and literature and screen-writing in arab countries (published within the framework of a seminar on the subject which was part of the arab cinema festival organized by the arab world institute, paris, 1995). as a film-director, he was responsible for various productions including his first film absence (1990) and his autobiographical trilogy of full-length documentaries tango of yearning (1998), nightfall (2000) and civil war (2002). for several years, he was a film professor at st. joseph university - beirut. winner of the best director prize at the cairo radio and television festival in 1996 for his film roses of passion and the best documentary director prize at the beirut international film festival in beirut in 2000 for tango of yearning, today, mohamad soueid continues to work in the field of film criticism while making his own films.


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