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nasri sayegh

nasri sayegh is based between beirut and berlin, nasri – who started sewing at the age of 6 - is a watchman of words, images, and sounds. after graduating in french literature from université saint joseph in beirut and sorbonne nouvelle in paris, he pursued theatre studies at the ecole supérieure d’art dramatique de paris. as an actor, he has most notably been directed by christian merlhiot, jad youssef, roy samaha, jocelyne saab, georges hachem and wael deeb. nasri has been the guest performance artist of ilya & emilia kabakov’s “the poet” for the abu dhabi art fair in 2013 and with saâdane afif’s ‘the speakers corner of hamra street’ during meeting points 6. also a journalist, as the former editor in chief of radio orient and current grand reporter at elle oriental, nasri regularly mixes literary and cinematic icons with contemporary sounds and uninhibited pop as a dj. having recently fallen into the world of images, with a debut solo exhibition entitled “beyrouth, peut-être” at the gallery of institut français in beirut (june 2016), nasri’s work originates from a desire to extract personal, often private, histories within the framework of fetishised memories.

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