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núria güell and levi orta

núria güell (b. 1981, spain) and levi orta (b. 1984, cuba) núria güell’s work reformulates and deals with the limits of legality, detecting abuses of power committed through the established legality and hegemonic morality. flirting with the established powers, the art world privileges and the complicity with different allies, form together the resources on which núria bases her artistic operations. levi orta investigates the creative component of politics, focusing on the undefined arts-politics borders, the lack of definition where reality becomes irrational and a potential artwork. analytic replica is how güell and orta call one of the working methods that they use in both individual and collective projects, with the aim of subverting the established powers and making visible their incongruities and abuses. their individual and collective work has been exhibited in museums, art centers and biennials around the world.

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