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parviz kimiavi

parviz kimiavi (born in 1939) lives and works in paris. parviz kimiavi is a leading figure in ‘alternative’ (or ‘new wave’) cinema that developed in iran during the 1970s. by transcending the bounds between popular cinema, experimental cinema and cinéma d’auteur, he opens the process of internationalization to the following generation that has since achieved considerable visibility in europe. after a course at l’institut des hautes études cinématographiques (idhec ) in paris and a stint in french television, he returns to iran, where he produces the majority of his work. his films, winning awards in many european festivals, are characterized by a permanent and oneiric transgression of the codes ruling documentary and fiction. notably giving non-professional actors their own roles – peasants, villagers, dervishes, vagabonds, alongside whom he lived during the film. deft like a collagist, kimiavi relies on the art of editing to create an ‘anthropology of dreams.’ analysis without compromise of iranian cultural history, his work regularly encounters censorship and stalemates in political history. some of his most important films are: p like pelican (1972), the mongols (1973), the garden of stones (1976), ok mister (1979).


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