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phill niblock

phill niblock is an american inter-media artist using music, film, photography, video and computers. he is known primarily for his drone compositions in which recordings of specific tones, played on a single acoustic instrument, are amassed to create a dense, shifting cloud of overtones, through multi-tracking and playback at volumes of up to 115db.the results efface the sense of a directing hand, as well as the identifying marks of the original instrument, and the sound interacts differently with any given space. 
his music is usually presented live with computer-driven black and white abstract images, as well as extracts from his series of 16mm films, the movement of people working (1973-91), which comprise scenes of people carrying out manual labor in countries including mexico, peru and china.
phill niblock has worked in many countries, and drawn artists from all over the world into his orbit to collaborate. a dvd of his films and music is available on the extreme label.

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