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rana hamadeh

born in beirut in 1983, rana hamadeh is a visual and performance artist currently based in amsterdam. interested in curation as an artistic practice, she works on long-term discursive projects that comprise several levels of collaboration, and that are presented to the public in the form of lecture-performances, installations, and text and audio-based works. in her performances, she mainly focuses on speech, questioning with that the conditions of spectatorship, and the boundaries, mechanisms, and authority of meaning production.  

in 2008, hamadeh initiated a project titled graphis nº 127; it emerged as an umbrella under which she has been producing several separate performances, publications, installations, and theoretical texts. her previous exhibitions include be(com)ing dutch at the van abbemuseum, netherlands (2008); museum as a hub: in and out of context, new museum, new york (2009-2010); postdordt, cbk dordrecht, netherlands (2009); and the object lag, a year long research project with a series of performances at nieuwe vide and the teylers museum, netherlands (2010). the artist has also participated in projects such as here as the centre of the world (2006-2009), organized by the dutch art institute (dai), and if i can’t dance i don’t want to be part of your revolution (2009-2010).

rana hamadeh received a ba in fine arts from the lebanese university, and graduated from the masters programme in fine arts at the dutch art institute in 2009.


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