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sam (osama) shalabi

sam (osama) shalabi is a composer, improviser, guitarist and 'oud player, based between cairo, egypt and montreal. a founding member of shalabi effect (with anthony seck, will eizlini and alexandre st-onge) and land of kush (a psychedelic, arabic influenced orchestra), he also plays in numerous bands in cairo (with maurice louca and alan bishop) and beirut (city of salt with paed conca and omar dewachi). he worked with many improvisers including tim berne, matana roberts, john butcher, joe mcphee, malcom goldstein, lukas ligeti, yves charuest and john heward. he has also released 6 solo albums, including  on hashish (2001) and osama(2002), and more recently mindlessness and music for arabs and continues to score music for films in cairo, north  america, and europe.


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