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stéphanie saadé

stéphanie saadé was born in beirut in 1983. she started studying philosophy and fine arts in lebanon, before moving to paris in 2005. there, she enrolled at ensba (ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de paris), and studied with christian boltanski and jean-marc bustamante. in 2008, she obtained a scholarship to study at the china academy of arts of hangzhou, and started learning chinese traditional printmaking, a little known subject and technique. after graduating from ensba in 2010 with a masters, she received another scholarship to continue studying chinese traditional printmaking, and moved back to hangzhou. she is currently pursuing her artistic practice between china, france and lebanon, alongside her research on the history of landscape. it is closely related to her work as an artist, which is based on formal experimentations that often focus on the isolation of elements of landscape, and their representation. the artist places these elements in artificial relationships with pieces of furniture, photographs, museum objects or details of clothes, evoking the perception man has had and has of nature, his acquired appreciation of it and its methods, and the place he has assigned to himself in it. each part of the sculpture, whether fabricated or borrowed, fluctuates between different categories and statuses. her work has been exhibited recently in galleries in china (new layer-views to resolve, direct art center, hangzhou, 2011, fake game real life, monaddigital, shanghai, 2011) and paris (sur le ring, espace des arts sans frontières, 2011, strates, l’art dans la ville, le 6b, 2011).

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