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vyacheslav akhunov

the artist, writer and philosopher vyacheslav akhunov (b.1948, osh, kyrgyzstan) lives and works in tashkent, uzbekistan. his oeuvre comprises abstract paintings, installations, performance and video art, as well as numerous essays and novels. born into a russian-uzbek family, his multi-cultural background determines his artistic production, in which he pursues an encounter of the asian mentality with european stylistics. akhunov’s aesthetics are sometimes described as surrealistic, but on the other hand he has been considered the first conceptual artist in uzbekistan’s underground movement between the 1970s and the 1990s. between 1974 and 1987 akhunov worked on a series of collages and drawings in which he used fragments of ‘leniniana’, ideological texts and images in the typical style of soviet realism, created to perpetuate the memory of lenin. akhunov has participated in numerous recent exhibitions, including: ostalgia, new museum, new york (2011); atlas, museo nacional centro de arte reina sofia, madrid (2011) and zkm museum fur neue kunst, karlruhe (2011) and sammlung faickenberg, hamburg (2011); 11th international istanbul biennial, istanbul (2009); traces du sacre, pompidou centre, paris (2008); and the 51st and 52nd venice biennale, venice (2005 & 2007).

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