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youmna saba

youmna saba is a lebanese singer/songwriter who started writing songs quite accidentally, after accepting to perform originals at the opening of an art exhibition in beirut. in december 2008, youmna released her first ep entitled "min aafesh el beit" (arabic for "household furniture"), a collaboration with musician and sound engineer fadi tabbal, from tunefork recording studios. 2011 saw the release of her second ep, "hal bent aabalha tghanni" ("this girls feels like singing"), a 5­song cd that began in youmna's room as a series of experiments in home recording. youmna collaborated with many musicians, namely: korean gayageum player kyungso park and polish composer piotr kurek, and took part in musical programs and residencies, such as "onebeat" organized by bang on a can. during her residency at gyeonggi creation center, south korea, in fall 2013, youmna composed and wrote her latest album "njoum", an experiment in storytelling and songwriting, rendered in vocals, oud, and processed guitars. "njoum" was officially released in september 2014, and is being presented in a series of concerts, in collaboration with fadi tabbal. alongside music making, youmna earned a master's degree in musicology, focusing mainly on the parallels between classical arabic music and arabic visual art, and will soon begin her phd.


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