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ziad antar

ziad antar lives and works between saida (lebanon) and paris (france). he graduated with a degree in agricultural engineering in 2001, and has been working in photography and video since 2002. he completed a one-year residency at the palais de tokyo in paris in 2003 and a one-year residency at the ecole des beaux-arts de paris. videos include tokyo tonight (2003), wa (2004), tambourro (2004), safe sound (2006), tank you (2006), marche turque (2007), and mdardara (2007). he directed his first documentary in 2002 on the french photographer jean-luc moulène, and has since made several documentaries for the arabic news channel al-arabiya, including l'islam et la laïcité (2004), lebanon and its partners (2005), and the role of europe (2007)

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