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experimental recording the landscape and the interview in composition
fari bradley and chris weaver

14.07.2016·16.07.2016 5-8 pm

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musicians have used interviews, monologues and field recordings as means to highlight certain geographic areas, people or social spaces, since the birth of the tape recorder.  this workshop aims to present these varying practises in a historical context and guide participants towards producing their own experimental composition, through an examination of past techniques. 
practically, the workshop comprises listening to examples and training indoors, thereafter the students will emerge into the city and record the places and people they encounter. 
subsequently workshop participants will bring back the audio to edit together with music, using ableton live software (no experience necessary) this session will be carried out with a view to creating a soundscape featuring spoken word in arabic or english recorded during the workshop sessions.

participants are welcome to bring in strands of their own music (but not completed tracks) to work with on usb as audio files. they are required to bring their own recording device (a phone would be perfect), their laptop and headphones/earphones. this workshop is in english.

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fari bradley (tehran) and chris weaver (london) are artists and composers focusing on sound and society. pushing the physical and architectural potential of sound and acoustics, their practice encompasses experimental music, radio, performance, installation and sculpture. in a feld of perception dominated by visual culture, the pair investigates listening as a means to establish and question new sets of social relations between subject and setting. in a feld of perception dominated by visual culture, the pair investigate acoustics as a means to establish and question new sets of social relations between subjects and space. bradley and weaver's diverse backgrounds combine in an analytical interest in sound and the tools that it can provide for expanded cultural analysis. working together since 2006, they have released experimental music records in the uae, composed and performed pieces they have composed, and participated in thematic group shows internationally. both bradley and weaver lecture in sound and radio, theory and practice in universities such as london college of communications, karachi university and new york university abu dhabi and they have published long-form articles related to the subject. in the united arab emirates with major commissions from art dubai and al serkal avenue, residencies in abu dhabi and dubai and the release of an artist's edition record with the vinyl factory, uk of which several tracks have had radio play on bbc national radio.