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i am sitting in a chair
marie muracciole and stéphanie ghazal

21.05.2016·11.06.2016 10-12 am

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beirut art center launches this spring its art history classes for children aged 8 to 12, with i am sitting in a chair, a series of four sessions by marie muracciole and stéphanie ghazal. each session will feature an hour of discussions and another hour of projections, practical exercises and games. 

for this edition, the chair will be the motive through which modern art history and today’s art works will be addressed, from picasso’s still life with chair caning (1912) to manna’s grandma(2015). since the beginning of modernity, art has been splitting into various and specific practices. this phenomenon enlarged the experiences we can get of each of the latter and generating encounters and exchange between them. 
taking the year 1912 as a turning point in the conception of modernity, we will be drawing on the various elements involved in picasso’s still life with chair caning to explore the diversification of artistic practices in the 20th century: photography, cinema, the (household) object, abstraction, etc.

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marie muracciole is an art critic and independent curator, since 2014 head of the beirut art center. recent exhibitions: unfinished conversations, 2015 and aftercinema, 2015, beirut; allan sekula: disassembled movies, 1972-2012, istanbul. recent publications contre-courants: à propos d’allan sekula et d’aerospace, in jeux sérieux, (head), 2015, something new about plants, genealogy tree, in yto barrada (jpringier, 2013); a love story, transportations, in amar kanwar: evidence (fotomuseum winterthur/steidl, 2012). 

stéphanie ghazal is an architect, researcher and a filmmaker. she is currently the education & outreach manager at beirut art center her work includes producing working tools for teachers around the topics of each exhibition and giving children from different backgrounds access to art through group visits of bac’s exhibitions, during which she fosters discussions and exchange.