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saeed el-hassan

14.05.2016·23.07.2016 4 - 6pm

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as part of the educational activities around esma’/listen, beirut art center hosts poetree, a series of three workshops for children lead by saeed el-hassan which addresses poetry as a fun and playful activity. 

poetree i
 (14.05.16 > 15.05.16) focuses on the sounds and rhythms of words: create a poem like a melody! 
poetree ii (18.06.16) focuses on typography and invites you to be creative with your pens. write a poem with letters as big as a giraffe and as small as an ant (or even your aunt). draw a poem in the shape of a tree or a house (or even a mouse). invent shapes with words and words with shapes! 
poetree iii (23.07.16) focuses on collage and invites you to cut-up, tear and piece together images and words from books and magazines to create a poem. 

any language can be used, and who knows, you might end up creating your own! after all, your mom might have told you not to play with your food, but she never said anything about playing with words!

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saeed el-hassan is a musician and a poet. juggling with words and sounds is his favorite occupation.